Courtney Vaughn

Courtney Vaughn

Courtney Vaughn is the news editor at the Portland Mercury. She appreciates your news tips and musings. Reach out at or on Twitter.

News Jun 27 3:33 PM

Mayor Wheeler Abandons Proposed Prohibition on Public Drug Use, Citing New State Law

Portland mayor wanted council’s blessing on city code change, despite inevitable legal and enforcement challenges.

News Jun 27 11:07 AM

A Portland Woman Is Fighting the City to Keep a Free Pantry on Her Property

Southeast Portlander says a disgruntled neighbor is using the city’s code enforcement system to stymie her efforts to aid area’s homeless.

Queer Guide 2023 Jun 26 3:52 AM

A Mother's Fight for Her Gay Son's Military Honors

The Navy discharged Martin Cerezo for being gay. His mother is now fighting for LGBTQ vets across the nation.

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News Jun 20 7:57 PM

City Contractor Ordered To Pay for Personal Items Confiscated During 2020 Homeless Camp Sweep

Lawsuit against Rapid Response Bio Clean alleged company threw away personal property in violation of local and state laws.

News Jun 15 12:19 PM

Oregon Legislature Breaks Longest Walkout in State's History

Republicans return to capitol as Democrats make concessions on key bills, including abortion rights and gun restrictions.

News Jun 9 2:45 PM

Police Drone Pilot Program to Lift Off Next Week

Portland Police say the drones will aid in crash and crime scene investigations—but won't be used to surveil citizens.

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News Jun 7 8:21 PM

City Council Approves Daytime Camping Ban; Legal Challenges Could Arise

Portland leaders are facing questions about the city's ability to police unsanctioned homeless sites.

News Jun 6 4:08 PM

Portland City Employees Form New Workers Union

More than 700 professional workers are now eligible to join an independent union for Portland employees.

News Jun 2 4:31 PM

Public Opposition to Gunshot Detection Program Convinces City To Reverse Course

Mayor and police chief abandon plans for gunshot detection technology, opting for gun violence reduction training and partnerships instead.

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News Jun 1 7:30 AM

Critics Call Proposed Camping Ban "Impossible to Comply With"

Portland City Council expected to vote June 7 on ordinance that would prohibit daytime camping.

News May 31 10:43 PM

City Settles Class Action Disabilities Lawsuit Over Blocked Sidewalks

The lawsuit's primary plaintiff railed against homeless services, as well as Portland progressives.

News May 26 4:49 PM

City Leaders Lambast Joint Office of Homeless Services, Call For Heightened Budget Scrutiny

Multnomah County chair says county should kick in $20 million toward city’s mass alternative shelter sites.

News May 25 2:50 PM

Portland City Council Will Consider Public Camping Ban Ordinance That Would Fine, Jail Unhoused Residents

Mayor Ted Wheeler's proposed ordinance would heavily restrict public camping to nighttime hours only, while also prohibiting fires and gas stoves.

News May 18 2:43 PM

Portland's $7.1 Billion Budget Will Boost Police and Reduce Utility Rate Increases

Despite growing list of deferred infrastructure maintenance projects, Mayor Wheeler cuts taxes and fees.