Dan Savage

Dan Savage

In addition to being a nationally syndicated sex advice columnist, the author of several books, and the host of the Savage Lovecast, Savage is “a deviant of the highest order” (Daily Caller). He does not like to be hugged.

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SAVAGE LOVE: The Italian Job

Not all Italian relationships are hot—in fact, this one is withering on the vine.


Get your down 'n' dirty answers fast in this edition of Savage Love: Quickies!

Savage Love: Blow Over

A fellatio-deprived hubby wants more than he's getting. But how much should he expect?

Savage Love Aug 22 11:00 AM

Savage Love: She Will Not Be Ignored

Two marriages in, and she still can't let go of the idea of a forever relationship with her "first love." Is she gonna drop it or what?

Savage Love Aug 15 11:11 AM

Savage Love: Millstones

His partner is demanding “relationship milestones”—but is that too heavy of a lift?

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Savage Love Aug 8 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Age Played

A dude in his 40s slept with someone who he thought was 21—but was actually much younger. How shitty should he feel?

Savage Love Aug 1 10:00 AM

Savage Love: Family Ties

A single nightmare dad joke ruined bondage for me. Do I need therapy now?

Savage Love Jul 25 10:41 AM

Savage Love: Take Care

In this week's column: "After two sexless decades, how can I let my partner know my needs aren't being met?"

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Savage Love Jul 18 11:11 AM

Savage Love: Quickies

Pineapple-flavored cum, health concerns over licking armpits, and lots more quickie, sexy Qs!

Savage Love Jul 11 11:00 AM

Savage Love: First Trap

She's never been kissed... or had sex. Forget about getting her groove back, how's she gonna get it in the first place?

Savage Love Jul 4 9:39 AM

Savage Love: TEARS Factor

She's the "other woman," but wait... it's more complicated than that.

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Savage Love Jun 27 1:00 PM

Savage Love: Topside

He wants her to be his Dom Goddess, and she's like, "what?"... but turned on. So where does she start?

Savage Love Jun 20 10:29 AM

Savage Love: What To Expect

Lack of sex leads to a slow motion matrimonial train wreck.

Savage Love Jun 13 10:33 AM


Get your sexual problems solved lickety-split with this quick 'n' dirty edition of Savage Love!

Savage Love Jun 6 10:56 AM

Savage Love: Out With It

Happy Pride! Here is the most LGBTQ shit Dan has ever read.

Savage Love May 30 2:48 PM

Savage Love: Appetite For Destruction

An apparently "famous" artist doesn't want the world to know he's bisexual—and apparently doesn't realize that no one gives a shit.

Savage Love May 23 11:57 AM

Savage Love: How's That?!

"I like to pee on myself. Got a problem with that?"

Savage Love May 16 10:25 AM

Savage Love: Wash It Away

Is it possible to "un-sleep" with someone, and like Cher, "turn back time"?