It was the height of Corona and I sat in the middle of the very back of the bus between you and someone else. Perfectly legal to me in this public setting. I saw the motion of why am I sitting there by you. I said "what?" You said, "move!" I said it back, " you move!" I get it shitty stressful time we went through. There is however no need to think you own this bus, or you control public places. You were a bully then. You got off the bus then giving me Mr. Evil Eye, and outside the bus swearing and giving me the hurtful middle finger. Not only a bully, but a raging lunatic. Soooo... Today, hey Bud, I saw you again. I was reading, could care less about your existence but I connected it, it was you. Then of course because you own everything, you had to open a window because your baby bum was hot. I would've liked to have just shut the window because that's my prerogative just the same as it is yours to open it. Then I noticed the BLM bracelet on your wrist. This is not about that. This is about how can someone have such contraditictions in their heart and anger in their soul for someone who just wanted to sit which was still a seat apart from you and then have such compassion for a another theme and struggle? Man, fuck that. Fuck you. Maybe I'm bitter but I don't and won't hang on to this energy but you are a true asshole.