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Looking to get onto Page 1 of Google? Google Search is for you. Looking to be where your audience is? Google Display Ads are for you. Your marketing strategy needs Google Adwords, it’s no longer just a ‘maybe’.

Your Competitors are using Google, and winning.

Laser-focused Strategy

Understanding your audiences’ behaviours and emotional triggers and biases means we can search for keywords and phrases they would search for when they’re close to making that decision. It’s all about being there – where they are and when they need you.

Art Vs. Science

Writing effective Google Search Ad titles, descriptions is the art, Adwords management of the ad accounts and optimisations is the science. All of which Sydney Digital Marketing does with rigor, precision and a meticulous eye for detail.


24/7 Reporting Dashboard

Between your Monthly reports from the team, you have access to our beloved platform Agency Analytics. Here, your personal and customisable reporting dashboard is tailored to your unique KPI’s. From top-level to in-depth, it’s all at your fingertips 24/7.

Increased conversions with lower CPC’s

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every business is different, and not only this but their audiences and customers are different. As we get to understand your buyer psychology and behaviour, we will be able to better grasp if you need Google Ads in your marketing funnel.  

For example, Google Search Ads are great for businesses whose audiences have very strong search intent. This means if their keywords on google have high search intent. This is also relevant for businesses whose brand name has high intent with their audience.

Google Display are a fine addition to any businesses marketing funnel – the type of display ads may vary as we have many to decide from. From Programmatic display ads to awareness and retargeting display ads. This again will depend on your audience behaviours. 

The power of Google Ads lies in it’s ability to touch your audience at any stage of their buying or consideration stage. From top, middle, or bottom funnel, we would be lying if we didn’t say that even in 2022, Google Ads is a must-have in your digital advertising portfolio.

Google Ads works under a pay-per-click (PPC) model. PPC Advertising means you’re paying to bid on keywords or audiences and competing with other businesses to reach the top placement on SERPs or the best positioning on web pages (Google Display) or videos (YouTube Ads).

Pay-per-click advertising can be a great way to show to your audiences but only pay for when someone takes an interest, essentially ‘weeding out’ ones that aren’t interested. The idea is that the more users click on a marketer’s advertisement, the more likely they will accomplish the advertisement’s goals (e.g. become a lead, make a purchase). When a user sees your ad and clicks on it, you are then charged the fee for that click (hence the name, pay-per-click). 

It’s important to consider that when working with a Google Ads marketing Agency,  keep an eye out for their understanding of things like quality scores, landing page relevancy and character counts as these will heavily impact your ads performance.

A beautiful combination we must say. Google Search ads can manage the bottom of your funnel where the intent is, i.e. where people are actively searching for an answer to their question or problem. Google Display Ads can feed the top of your funnel and answer the problems or questions of your audience before they even know they have a problem.

Do you need them both? Not always. Understanding your audience behaviours will better allow yourself to understand how they play a part in the overall customer experience. The best digital advertising agencies won’t just tell you you need to spend your money on it, they will be able to justify how, why and where it will play a part.

This is very dependent on the cost of your key search terms or keywords. We see some clients who have CPC’s (Cost per clicks) of $100, we have other clients whose CPC’s are $4. 

We work backwards from your KPI (X leads per month)  to find out how many clicks you need to convert into customers, and back even further from there to work out your marketing budget. It’s how we combine art with science to excel in your goals and KPI’s.

We understand how hard it can be to choose a Google Advertising agency who you are confident in not just spending your money, but actually increasing your leads and sales. When you’re looking for that perfect match, consider asking or clarifying the following;

Experience: can they provide you with case studies of their success? Have they worked with clients in your industry before? As every client and industry is different, you’ll want to be sure this potential agency understands the consumers and audience in relation to your product or service.

Tracking & Reporting: Agencies can’t report what they can’t track. Is this agency serious about gathering data and acting on it? Can this agency provide you with accurate and regular reports when you want them? Ensure that Google Analytics is a serious conversation very very early on in your search.

Communication & Transparency: How often will you talk? Do they communicate the way you like? Via sms? Email? It’s all important as you’re going to be working closely with these people for a long time so you want to be sure this ‘partnership’ is exactly that.
The Spark: Do you feel a spark? Does this agency seem excited to speak with you? Are they passionate about your business and service or product? An agency who can get behind your business is going to love supporting and helping you achieve your goals. No one has to dislike working with their agency.

Looking to put your new questions into practice? Speak to our team and see how many boxes we check.

Exponentially! Having the best Google Ads Agency or specialist on your side to grow your business and meet your business goals is something you’re going to love when you find the right one.

Not only helping your marketing funnel, the best agencies will assist you further to optimise your conversion rates, give you recommendations on where to improve. All of this alongside the day-to-day management and taking the pressure off your hands. 

Our Certified Google Ad Specialists have expert understanding and experience in optimising your campaigns based on real data, all of which you have complete transparency and visibility on throughout every stage of your partnership with us.