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Don’t forget about Bing! Like Google, Bing continues to answer over 1 Billion search queries every month. Don’t underestimate the importance of advertising where your audience is (even if it’s Microsoft Bing Ads!).
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Less Competition, More Opportunity

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Show to millions of people every day on the front page of the Bing, Yahoo and AOL search engines. Be the voice of authority and reason for new audiences.

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Create personalised experiences using the power of the Microsoft AI, mixed with Sydney Digital Marketings ad optimisation expertise.


Tap into new audiences off the beaten path with relevant and specific audience targeting features, might we add that their device targeting beats Google.

Less competition, more opportunity. Start converting with Microsoft Ads today.
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Ask a Bing Ads Agency

In short, Bing Advertising is a form of Search Engine Marketing that is so often forgotten by businesses looking to expand their digital marketing. The Bing search network uses up around a quarter of total search traffic worldwide, and though Google outshines in most ways, Microsoft Bing advertising still has a crucial part to play in an overall (and incredibly strategic online marketing strategy).

When you run Bing display ads or search ads through the Bing platform, you are also utilising Yahoo and AOL as similar to the Adwords network, Bing, Yahoo and AOL are all run on the same advertising network. Bing Search Ads displays at the top, bottom or side depending on what type of device you’re viewing the SERP on. For example, if you’re searching on a mobile phone, Bing will show the ad at the top of the screen. On a tablet, Bing will place the ad at the top and side, and on a computer, Bing will put the ad at the top, bottom AND right side of the browser window (something that Google even got rid of, so more real estate for you to utilise).

If you’re already receiving some marketing success from paid ads then with less competition on Bing it really is a no brainer. There are many ways that Bing Ads targeting is superior to Google too, so utilising Bing Advertising could help you understand and learn more about your target audience and how they react to your brand.

Bing allows you to assign different time zones to different campaigns making international ads very valuable. Bing Ads also allow you to adjust your bids for certain keywords specifically for mobile devices and tablets.

Bing Ads is still run on a PPC (pay-per-click) model like Google Adwords. PCC search ads are great, your ads only appear for search terms you choose, you can set a maximum spend (total ad spend) and a maximum bid (cost per click), and then you only pay for an ad when it’s clicked on.

The key to getting the most out of your PPC ads is knowing your competitors, what they’re bidding on and how much they’re bidding. Knowing when and what keywords to place second instead of first can actually save you A LOT of money… but that’s for us to worry about!

It’s truly very, very simple! If you’re looking to run Bing Advertising, or if you’ve already got Bing PPC campaigns that you need management for, then you’re in the right place! Contact us today, your specialised Bing Ads Agency, to see how Sydney Digital Marketing can get you leads and sales like never before with Bing Ads.

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