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The right time to create video content is now. With over 2.1 Billion users on YouTube, reaching far and wide to find the perfect customers for you has never been easier. Partner with a YouTube Advertising Agency like Sydney Digital Marketing to go big and win big!

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From ‘Nice To Have’ To ‘Necessity’

YouTube: The Home of Video Advertising


Targeted Awareness

Working to understand your audience and their interests, we reach far and wide while keeping a targeted approach (so no wasting your marketing dollars).


Qualified Retargeting

Experts at understanding consumer behaviour, we know exactly who and when to show your ads to again in order to maximise conversions.


Front of Mind Expertise

Being the business consumers think of first when they have a problem is the key to success. Stay front of mind with compelling & effective YouTube ads.

Advertise today on the second most visited website in the world (second to Google)

Creating Connections (and Maximising Conversions)

YouTube Ads That Tell a Story


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Ask a Youtube Ads Agency

YouTube is an online video-sharing platform as part of Google’s full suite. YouTube advertising is utilising their marketing platform to promote your business via two formats; video ads and display ads. This means that ‘YouTube Marketing’ is not mutually exclusive with video and therefore provides a bigger opportunity for businesses even if they are unable to create video content.

Targeting your audience on YouTube Ads is a combination of Facebook Ads and Google Search Ads; as in it is based on demographics, interests but also on search terms within YouTube.

We mean it when we say that YouTube ads are one of the most effective ways of delivering video content to a wide range of audiences. Though, deciding whether YouTube marketing works for you depends on the metrics you’re focusing on.

Working on a full-service digital marketing strategy means that each stage in your marketing funnel is going to be delivering different metrics and results. YouTube advertising is an incredibly effective method of filling the top of your marketing funnel and creating awareness that drives organic traffic and more. Knowing how to make the most of the platform with a YouTube ads agency in Sydney that knows it like the back of their hand is how you are going to find the best success.

When it comes to sharing long-form video content, YouTube is the platform that reigns supreme. While video ads do take a little bit more work and resources, they can also be one of the best ways to build brand awareness and reach new targeted audiences where they spend their time. With the fast and supreme growth in video content in recent years, running video ads on either YouTube or Social Media platforms is paramount in converting new people (and beating your competitors).

The cost of running YouTube advertising varies based on your audience targeting, marketing goals and engagement with your video. As the YouTube ads platform is a CPC (cost-per-click) and cost-per-view model, this means that you pay only when clicked or viewed. On average, YouTube ad costs are $0.10 to $0.30 per view or action, this means that you set a daily budget and each time that video is viewed, you are charged.
Creating great video content and running effective, high-converting youtube campaigns is not easy! From turning an idea into a storyboard then script, filming, editing, uploading, building the campaign and then setting accurate budgets… It’s a lot. The key to creating a great YouTube Ad however is to stay consistent with branding, speak to your audience in a personal and compelling way, and invite your audience to understand how you can fix their problem with your product or service. Video content is about creating connections that cannot be done with static images or basic ads. Be smart, creative and out-of-the-box.

YouTube Advertising isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ type of marketing, and really there isn’t a single marketing channel that is. Staying on top of your campaigns can be difficult but it is paramount. With all of the consistent fine tuning and optimising, leave the nitty gritty to us to make the most out of your campaigns. Get in touch with us to discuss your campaigns and get the help you need to complete your effective YouTube Marketing Strategy.

Maximise Awareness & Reach

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