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It’s simple, be seen, first. Google’s top 3 Search Ad results get 60% more clicks than all others combined. Bypass all the industry clutter, save time & cement your authority.

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No more ‘Junk Mail’

Direct marketing should never be underestimated. And with email marketing being the grand-daddy of direct marketing, it should be used to target customers personally and exclusively.

We preach automations and for very good reason – it’s because we swear by it. With the power of a brilliant CRM like HubSpot or ActiveCampaign, you can automate mundane tasks like sending confirmation emails or service updates.

Email marketing cuts through the top of the sales funnel to target the customer with information, without having to attract them first. This saves you time, money and keeps your brand front-of-mind.

With no initial start-up fees, it’s the most affordable and effective form of marketing where you can address your customers in a personal and scalable way, all the while knowing there are receptive customers on the other end.

Setting you apart from the rest

Automations can be triggered by a range of customer actions and can make your audience feel exclusive and understood. This is all without the constant work, saving you time, money and keeps your brand front-of-mind at the same time.

The great thing about messages landing in an inbox is it forces your customer to take action. With the email sitting in their inbox, they either open it, read it or delete it. Either way, your brand name is there, and your customers subconsciously remember that.

Whether you’re currently dabbling in email marketing, or looking to dive right in, we match you with the platform that suits you best and away we go.

Not only management, we also support your team in knowing how to sell alongside your email marketing – ensuring a seamless sales process that will surely convert nicely. Besides, people can’t help but love a great online brand experience.

We’re your partner for email template design and builds, email automation management and email campaign management, as well as complete CRM account set up and best practice CRM configuration.

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Our Clients

Our Clients
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Stories Sell. This is Ours.

Sydney Digital Marketing was birthed in 2012, and since then has launched into the digital space thanks to the success of our many happy clients.

In the years since inception, we have grown to a team of 12 tech heads, mastering the arts of search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM) and design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and email marketing.

Rather than just a marketing agency, we preach our customers² approach, driven by creating meaningful interactions between our customers (our clients) and our customers’ customers (hence the ²).

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To us, marketing is just the half of it. We study your overall customer journey and identify areas for improvement so that when we serve you customers on a silver platter, they’ll be primed and happy.

More than just a marketing agency, at Sydney Digital Marketing we are your partner in growth. Working with businesses of all sizes to generate leads and sales, because what we specialise in is understanding your business, and making your marketing budget work for you – turning $1 of marketing spend into $3 revenue.

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Outstanding Digital Marketers. Simon, Ben and the team are forward thinking and consistently hit the mark when it comes to results. This extends across our Facebook marketing, email marketing and general digital strategy.

Linda Fabis | Marketing Manager | BMW Sydney

Our Expertise

Cut through the
Giving your audience what
they want.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
Completely automated with
precise and unique triggers.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
Supporting your overall goal
for max ROI.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
The secret sauce is knowing
how to gain attention in
the first 3 seconds.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
We mould our strategy based
on your audience behaviour.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
Add a little bit of spice & flavour
with our custom design
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Email is not dead! At SDM we believe email marketing is the key to establishing a stronger connection with your customers. Reward your customers for subscribing by providing them with valuable information about your products, services and promotions in an interesting and relatable manner. Email marketing allows you to build relationships with leads, customers and past customers. It’s your opportunity to speak directly to them in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them. By doing so you will establish their loyalty – for customers will choose your product when executing their purchase. Notorious for its high ROI, email is a Sydney Digital Marketing fan favourite that draws customers back to your website when executed well. Our email automation and feedback reporting tools are perfect for delivering relevant content with proven open rates – and have been used to generate 1.5X ROI for brands such as Ivory Group and AI Sydney.
At SDM we use a range of the best email marketing platforms. HubSpot, Active Campaign and MailChimp are among our favourites however our amazingly equipped team have adapted and picked up any EDM platform a client has presented to us with and taken it in our stride.
We will encourage your audience to engage with your content through relevant email marketing. Our content provides constant value in return for their submission of personal information – you will stand to gain immense brand loyalty. Our ability to target your customer list quickly and deliberately is invaluable to executing customer purchases. Gmail alone has 16 million email users in Australia with 19 million users predicted by 2020. This makes it vital that you attract users to your mailing list and keep them there with exclusivity. So secure your existing client database with constant messages that promote brand loyalty and keep your brand front of mind. We will formulate email marketing strategies suited to your business’ needs, by keeping your customers at the forefront of actions we take.
Automations can relate to both email marketing and general internal actions undertaken within your business. They allow businesses to perfectly tailor emails to specifically target their leads and automate their delivery and tracking. On top of that ultimate time saving feature, automations can be triggered by any set of actions meaning your workflow is working automatically in the background to make sure every confirmation email or downloadable asset is sent out when clicked on. Even more exciting are drip campaigns. This means exposing your audience to a set of marketing emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule. At SDM, strategy is behind every decision we make for our clients and this means we will determine what drip campaign is optimal for your business needs. An example can be an email sending as someone signs up, with another going out 3 days later with different copy and another going out the next weekend with an offer to re-engage the lead.
With tailored support, your campaign will receive full support from our team of direct marketing experts, who will work closely with you to ensure open rates are to your expectations. We personalise and test your emails through uniquely designed email templates, to maximise your customer retention and interest. All while cultivating your brand image and domain reputation to ensure high open rates. We will send these all from your new, personalised email account in either Hubspot, Active Campaign, MailChimp or others. Sydney Digital Marketing, we ensure a goal is set for each email before it is sent, with information relevant and useful to the consumer. We further work to increase open rates by including accessible and relevant information and subject lines, to omit ‘greymail’ that subscribers ignore because of previous irrelevant emails.Through advanced tracking and reporting, SDM will further provide you with valuable support and insights regarding email interactions. This helps us generate specific content that resonates with your audience.
Email marketing is only concerned with the actions taken to generate leads or sales via email. It is an essential part of marketing automation but a marketing automation platform encompasses a whole lot more. It not only allows businesses to automate their marketing tasks and create workflows to increase efficiency but provides access to a great amount of data meaning you can nurture your prospects with personalised and engaging content for optimised conversion. Additionally, when combined with a powerful CRM tool such as HubSpot, businesses can effortlessly embrace data, collecting valuable insights and putting them immediately to work. In short, email marketing is just one aspect of what automations can offer. There are many automation tactics, such as drip campaigns and retargeting, that can help make your email marketing more powerful and targeted. As your software tracks results you can research and test more automation strategies so that you can develop stronger relationships with your leads and customers.

Growth Stories

Increase in conversions from organic search
Search Engine Marketing,
Web Design & Dev
Lift in paid search traffic for the same budget
Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & Dev
Reduction in cost per lead from paid social
Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing
Increase in paid search conversions
Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & Dev

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