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More than just a Marketing Strategy

We’re talking about a fully-fledged, laser-focused, comprehensive digital strategy that helps your business from the ground up. We not only tell (and teach) you how to utilise a full marketing funnel to drive leads and sales. We identify gaps in your current business strategy and fill them with tried and true processes built to best practice.

Our meticulous discovery checklist allows us to deep dive into your goals, objectives and processes so that we can provide a solution that will save you time and ultimately, money.

Utilising our knowledge and experience in data management and analysis, we are able to help you take your customer data and use it to market your brand and business to not only more people, but better quality and more intent.

Our digital marketing strategies are tried and tested by us before recommending to our clients, we undertake gruelling experimenting to ensure that our clients only get the best that we know and trust 100%.

Stop stargazing and prepare for lift-off.

A perfect digital strategy or digital roadmap takes us foreground to background, and the outcome for you is an actionable plan to open up your online presence, strengthen your digital marketing, boost revenue, increase customer interactions and assert your brand authority.

Your digital strategy is just the beginning, knowing what to do is one thing, but actioning it is another. At Sydney Digital Marketing, we preach what we know, and what we offer you as a solution, can be solved by us in house.

Think of us not as just a marketing agency, but a digital agency that is an extension of your team. 
From Google Ads, to Facebook and Instagram, to your CRM, sales pipeline or sales processes and far beyond.

We’re on hand to take your digital marketing strategy and turn it into your business strategy and business mission.

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Our Clients

Our Clients
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Stories Sell. This is Ours.

Sydney Digital Marketing was birthed in 2012, and since then has launched into the digital space thanks to the success of our many happy clients.

In the years since inception, we have grown to a team of 12 tech heads, mastering the arts of search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM) and design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and email marketing.

Rather than just a marketing agency, we preach our customers² approach, driven by creating meaningful interactions between our customers (our clients) and our customers’ customers (hence the ²).

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To us, marketing is just the half of it. We study your overall customer journey and identify areas for improvement so that when we serve you customers on a silver platter, they’ll be primed and happy. More than just a marketing agency, at Sydney Digital Marketing we are your partner in growth. Working with businesses of all sizes to generate leads and sales, because what we specialise in is understanding your business, and making your marketing budget work for you – turning $1 of marketing spend into $3 revenue.
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We have been working with SDM since 2019 and are more than happy with the level of detail and strategic thinking the team brings to our business. I highly recommend them as a digital marketing agency that delivers on their promise.

Lester Arnot | CEO | Perfect Practice

Our Expertise

Focusing on long term ROI
by bringing not just
quantity, but quality.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
At peace with processes.
We live and breathe them.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
Customer Experience Obsession
CX, DCX, UX, whatever you
call it, we know it like
the back of our hand.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
Start looking forward to growth
that gets a little easier
every day.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
Knowing how every small
decision impacts the
equally-important bigger
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.
Ideation to
We do it all. Presenting you with
a marketing strategy, a timeline
and running the execution.
Responsive design experts, mobile first, then we axpand to everywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

A well defined strategy is the foundation for long-term growth and a roadmap to your digital marketing success.

A great strategy only works if it is seen as a whole with implementation and execution. We have worked with many clients from start to finish, implementing a brand new digital strategy that incorporates both organic, paid and direct traffic in a wide array of ways. From Email Marketing and CRM implementation, through to Google Ads, Social Media Marketing and SEO. With a specialist in every field, we have the expertise to provide our clients with a bespoke and holistic marketing strategy that incorporates comprehensive and successful processes to boost your digital game.

Not only do we serve you a beautiful and successful digital strategy, we also guide you and your team to implement it in every way – both strategy creation and execution out of one hand. A great strategy starts by understanding you and your customers to a depth maybe not even you know yet, it’s how we know who we’re speaking to in order to create connections with them through your online presence. From here we take you through a series of checklists to make sure your business is ready for success. We guide you through to implementations, every step of the way. Allowing us to bring our brain power together and a new understanding of your customers so we can target them in the most seamless and clear way.

Sydney Digital Marketing has helped clients from across Australia increase their online leads and in turn, revenue. See some of our case studies like GAIA Coaching, Stacks Goudkamp or Palladium Private.

If you’re looking for a strategy that enables and sustains long term growth, then absolutely yes. If you’re looking for overnight success then we aren’t for you. If you’re willing to invest in the power of digital and allow us to craft your roadmap to success as an extension of your team then you are at the right place.

We provide our clients with a robust and personalised marketing strategy. A marketing strategy should not be implemented with a one size fits all approach. Instead, we believe in taking an individualised approach that analyses the gaps and needs of your business to ensure a robust strategy and solution.

In short, there is not one ‘look’ for a good marketing strategy except that it must be individualised, extensive and detailed, all things which Sydney Digital Marketing heroes in its marketing strategy service.

  1. Getting to know your business and what drives you and your team
  2. Creating a ‘north star’ for your KPIs and goals so we know what to work towards. Understanding your specific KPIs is so important because every business is different and unique and what matters to others might not matter for you too.
  3. Auditing all of your platforms/accounts/websites so we know what we’re working with.
  4. Understanding your current conversion rates and identifying areas to improve on them before we start sending traffic there.
  5. Auditing your platforms and accounts also allows us to get to know your audience, if we can’t make a bigger picture audience or persona then we start to work with you to identify your DREAM audience and who you feel would be best for your business to acquire, i.e. biggest spenders, most likely to turn into return customers.

It’s clear that a powerful marketing strategy is one that addresses your businesses every need. We have helped numerous clients find the gaps in their current marketing processes and have worked hard to fill them with solutions we know will deliver the results necessary. This means we have the expertise and experience to manage your strategy too.

Alongside plenty of tried and true tactics under our belt, partnering with us for a marketing strategy means we need to get to know your business to ensure an effective and personalised approach. Our discovery process provides us with the understanding we need to deliver a winning marketing strategy.

Growth Stories

Increase in conversions from organic search
Search Engine Marketing,
Web Design & Dev
Lift in paid search traffic for the same budget
Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & Dev
Reduction in cost per lead from paid social
Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing
Increase in paid search conversions
Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & Dev

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