Please don't try to make it anywhere. Though that is somewhere for you, giving you the needed gratification you want. You know how you read any comments on any internet media, there's always the one or few people by just the comments, you can tell they are bigoted assholes with judgmental and misguided opinions that lack comprehension skills? You can tell you would never be friends with them? You can feel the bitter anger in their heart, and the rage and violence they'd likely commit? That is what it is like here. 4 of you! Two of you, every comment I read is a "wow" do they really feel that way and is that what they'd be willing to do knowing that is what they're thinking? Talk about becoming what you hate! It is just indicative of this society of millions hiding behind screens that would never say these things face to face because yes, folks are strapped bro! There's one of you that I actually appreciate the informed and well thought out opinions usually representative towards underdogs and overcoming adversity. Then there's the wanna be poet who tries so hard to make the format of their comment as if it is creative and something revolutionary. But sorry, you aren't. I hope you guys do something to your days other than check back every few hours to see who else has commented!