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Movies & TV Sep 1 2:45 PM

Bottoms Is the Horny Gay Teen Comedy of My Dreams

Also worth noting: Former Seahawks running back—and Portland restaurateur—Marshawn Lynch is amazing in his supportive acting role.

Movies & TV Aug 23 1:00 PM

Six Records for Rotation Before The Elephant 6 Recording Co.

C.B. Stockfleth's new documentary digs into the '90s music collective behind Neutral Milk Hotel, Of Montreal, and the Minders.

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Movies & TV Aug 1 4:30 PM

The Agony and Ecstasy of the Portland 48-Hour Film Project

What's fun about making a short film, in an extreme time crunch, on no sleep?

Movies & TV Jul 20 4:40 PM

Barbenheimer: A Purely Scientific Review of Two Very Dissimilar Films

We compared Barbie and Oppenheimer on their reframing of iffy history, portrayal of the legal system, ken-ergy, and HORSES.

Movies & TV Jun 27 10:01 AM

Clinton Street Theater's Hanabi Japanese Film Festival Celebrates Cult Cinema and Local Businesses

See Tampopo on the big screen, while snacking on goods from nearby Japanese convenience store Kashiwagi.

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Movies & TV Jun 12 12:00 PM

Director Celine Song Talks About Her Stunning Debut Film, Past Lives

We also chatted about cannibalism, memory, and what comes next.

Movies & TV Jun 8 1:41 PM

What Does MoviePass 2.0 Mean for Local Theaters?

Local cinemas may not have agreed to be part of this reincarnated movie subscription service—but they're going along for the ride anyway.

Movies & TV May 3 11:58 AM

Film Q & A: Wild Life Questions Conservation and Capitalism

The new documentary from the directors of Free Solo paints complicated portraits of former Patagonia and North Face executives Kris and Doug Tompkins.

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Movies & TV Apr 20 3:58 PM

Beau Is Afraid Is a Painting of a Panic Attack

Ari Aster releases history’s most unchill film on 4/20 .

Movies & TV Apr 11 12:00 PM

Film Q & A: Kelly Reichardt's Showing Up Was Shot at the Oregon College of Art and Craft—After It Closed

The director shot her latest film in Portland, collaborating again with writer Jon Raymond and actress Michelle Williams.

Movies & TV Apr 5 10:00 AM

Review: The Super Mario Bros. Movie Is a Dazzling Journey as Hollow as a Big, Green Pipe

While it may have exceptional CGI, Nintendo fans are dragged along on a mediocre journey.

Culture Mar 3 7:29 AM

Workers at Portland's Living Room Theaters Vote to Form an Independent Union

Following an unfair labor picket in January, the movie theater staff voted to form United Cinema Workers.

Movies & TV Feb 10 10:58 AM

Somebody I Used to Know Is a Polyamory Bait Switch

Also swapping, Oregon plays Washington in this charming romantic comedy.

Movies & TV Feb 9 12:05 PM

Audrey Hepburn Before the Death of the Rom-Com

Cinema 21 celebrates the romantic comedy with Hepburn films all February.