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News Aug 16 2:55 PM

Amid Stifling Heat Wave, Multnomah County Lacks Dedicated Shelter Spaces

Despite 69 heat deaths in 2021 and more suspected deaths this week, cooling centers and resources aren't guaranteed.

News Aug 15 8:07 AM

No Money, No Justice: How Oregon's Refusal to Fairly Pay Court Experts Caused a Public Defense Crisis

Without public defense resources, attorneys say innocent people without financial means lack proper legal representation

News Aug 14 10:42 AM

Where To Go To Cool Off During Portland's Heat Wave

Cooling centers reopen Wednesday during state of emergency due to high temps. County health officials warn of toxic algae blooms in Willamette River. 

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News Aug 10 4:22 PM

Nurses at OHSU Say Hospital Has Ignored Critical Safety Gaps

As threats, shootings at hospitals increase, workers at Oregon’s largest health organization cite spotty safety measures.

Transportation Aug 9 4:22 PM

Cops, Cameras, and "Safe Systems": The Debate About Curbing Traffic Violence on Portland's Streets

Portland continues to experience record-breaking numbers of traffic crash fatalities. With funding and political barriers, what's the best way to keep people safe on the streets?

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News Aug 9 12:22 PM

Jury Rules Against Andy Ngo in Activist Lawsuit

Right-wing media figure sought damages stemming from attacks in Portland.

News Aug 7 10:04 PM

Portland Police Bureau Identifies Cops Who Killed Legacy Hospital Gunman

Three officers involved in July 22 fatal shooting remain on leave. The incident is the second deadly police shooting of 2023 in Portland.

News Aug 3 3:26 PM

Nearly 11,000 Oregonians Want City Leaders To Shore Up Portland Street Response

Petition shows outpouring of support for crisis response program, but budget constraints and employee morale still threaten its success

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News Aug 2 3:04 PM

Powell's Workers, Fed Up With "Poverty Wages," Move Closer to a Strike

Employees at the world's largest independent bookstore voted to authorize a future strike, citing stagnant wages that diminish the value they bring to the beloved stores.

News Aug 2 9:37 AM

Before Fire, City Inspectors Warned Former Kmart Site Owners of Code Violations

The real estate company co-owned by an NFL team owner was told to board up the outer Northeast Portland property. Now, the company faces a class action lawsuit.

LGBTQIA+ Jul 31 8:00 AM

Protests and Threats Cast a Pall Over Oregon Pride Celebrations

Some see Oregon as a haven for queer rights, but emboldened anti-LGBTQ+ harassment ruined quite a few Pride events in 2023.

News Jul 30 7:03 PM

With Revenue Windfall, Portland Clean Energy Fund Committee Approves Climate Investment Plan

Despite past hiccups, PCEF is now on track to dole out $750 million on carbon cutting projects through 2028.

News Jul 28 3:25 PM

As WNBA Eyes Expansion, Supporters Push For Portland To Be the New Face of Women’s Basketball

Portland’s previous WNBA team folded. Can the Rose City’s ardent sports fans convince the right buyer to take the leap?

News Jul 27 8:38 AM

Police Delay Release of Information After Fatal Shooting of Hospital Gunman

Three Portland police officers fired at a suspect. It could be weeks before their names are published. Accountability advocates say the policy is out of line with other agencies and PPB's own internal directives.

News Jul 26 11:11 AM

Report: Company Hired to Board Up Properties Violated City Contract and Swindled Business Owners

Portland ombudsman says lack of city oversight led to multiple contract violations and billing discrepancies, costing vandalized businesses thousands.

News Jul 21 2:12 PM

Tusitala "Tiny" Toese Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison for 2021 Proud Boys Brawl in Portland

Prosecutors asked judge for lengthy sentence, citing Toese's history of violence and arrest at politically-charged riots led by the Proud Boys.

News Jul 21 1:42 PM

Asbestos Found in Northeast Portland Fire Debris, Stoking Neighborhood Health Fears

A fire at a former Kmart building earlier this week spread toxic ash around the neighborhood. Nearby residents say it's another example of "repeated trauma" at the site.