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Pop Quiz PDX Apr 20 9:52 AM

POP QUIZ PDX: Sassy-Ass Portland Trivia About "Money, Cash, Bros (What?)"

That's a Jay-Z reference, btw. Ohhhh... you knew that? Okay, sorry.

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Pop Quiz PDX Mar 23 11:18 AM

POP QUIZ PDX: Sketchy NIMBYs, Criminal Figure Skaters, and the Blazers' New Hipster Mascot!

See how well YOU score on this week's super fun local trivia quiz!

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Pop Quiz PDX Dec 22 10:33 AM

See How Much You Remember from the Past Year with the Best Quizzy Qs of 2022!

It's the world's greatest trivia game (at least in Portland), POP QUIZ PDX!