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The Trash Report Mon 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Sports, Divorce, Hip-Hop, Bangs, and How I'm Just Like Emily Ratajkowski

Time to get elbow deep in this week's roundup of garbage-y gossip!

The Trash Report Aug 28 9:59 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: The Bad Men, the Bog Man, Scooter Braun, and Questionable Commuting Foods

Put on your hazmat suit—it's time for this week's stinkiest, trashiest gossip.

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The Trash Report Jul 31 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Let Barbie Live, Let Mitch know..., and Brad Pitt Keeps Trying to Make Us Forget He Sucks

Gather 'round, Trash Pandas! It's time for this week's hot takes and latest gossip.

The Trash Report Jul 10 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: White Lines at the White House, Icky Actors, and Camel News You Can Camel-Use

Let's go, Trash Pandas! It's time to dig elbow-deep in some garbage-y gossip!

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The Trash Report Jul 3 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Old Lady Yells at Baseball, Supreme Court, James Cameron, and... Perms? PERMS!

Time for another EXPLOSIVE edition of the gossip column that really hates fireworks.

The Trash Report Jun 26 10:57 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Bunch of White Dudes Being Stupid... but Also: It's My Birthday!

Let's go, trash lovers! It's time to dig into some hot, and decidedly messy, GOSSIP.

The Trash Report May 15 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: MTV News, the Proper Naming Conventions for Viral Animals, and Kelly Clarkson Remains an Angel

Put on those latex gloves... it's time to dig through this week's trashiest gossip!