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Theater & Performance Jul 10 2:00 PM

The Mercury's 48-Hour Drag-A-Thon Live Blog

Darcelle XV Showplace and Wildfang broke a Guinness World Record—here's what happened!

Theater & Performance Jun 29 11:00 AM

Goths on Cabaret at PETE's Cardiac Organ

Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble starts dark but stays camp with "Cardiac Organ: A Goth Cabaret."

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Theater & Performance Jun 27 12:00 PM

You Don’t Have to Be Drunk to Love Drunk Herstory

Creator and host Shandi Evans says the comedy drag night's first sober storyteller told "hands down the most insane story we've ever done."

Comedy Jun 14 5:34 PM

An Oral History of LMAO Comedy Parody Road House: The Play!

An interview with the two hilarious women who wrote it—Shelley McLendon and Courtenay Hameister.

Theater & Performance Jun 14 11:50 AM

Jumping Onto Portland's Epic Drag-A-Thon Is the Hottest Celebrity Trend

Tickets are now on sale for this historic attempt and Trevor Project fundraiser.

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Theater & Performance Jun 1 3:00 PM

Wildfang and Darcelle XV Showplace Will Attempt to Set a New Guinness World Record

These queens are standing up to—and raising money to fight—the Tennessee drag ban and other anti-drag bills in the US.

Theater & Performance May 17 10:58 AM

Theater Review: Artists Repertory Theatre’s True Story Packs a Hard-Boiled Punch

Oregon playwright E. M. Lewis has penned a timeless noir play.

Theater & Performance May 12 7:30 AM

Q&A With PICA's Outgoing and Incoming Executive Directors

After 20 years, Victoria Frey passes the torch to Reuben Roqueñi —who has been involved with PICA for over a decade.

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Theater & Performance Apr 18 12:30 PM

Theater Review: Nikki Kuhnhausen Was an American Girl

Mikki Gillette's new play draws from deep conversations with Kuhnhausen’s mother to show her daughter's real life.

Theater & Performance Apr 14 3:28 PM

The Siren Theater Moves from Old Town to North Mississippi

The space's April 22 grand opening kicks off with the Aces, but they're already hosting smaller stand-up shows.

Theater & Performance Mar 30 3:30 PM

Touring Musical Hairspray Will Leave You Bubbly

Despite some sound issues, we were won over by John Waters' story and the adaption's irreverent, infectious fun.

Theater & Performance Mar 20 11:00 AM

Theater Review: The Value of Forbidden Fruit

Shaking the Tree celebrates its 20th anniversary and raises the bar with a masterful hybrid play.

Music Mar 13 12:00 PM

Oregon Symphony 2023-24 Season: Cancellations, Crowd-Pleasers, and Comebacks

Budget cuts nixed the 2023 free Waterfront Concert, but the rest of the calendar is built to bring audiences back.

Theater & Performance Mar 6 11:00 AM

Front Porch Sessions Is a Loneliness-Destroying Storytelling Show

Chris Williams' community-building series is simple in format, but built from a dense amount of knowledge and experience.

Food and Drink Mar 3 12:30 PM

Drinks Before or After?

A guide to Portland art and performance venues, and where to talk about the show—after the show.

Theater & Performance Feb 16 12:14 PM

My Perfectly Valid Objections Airs the First Date Anxieties of Trans and Cis People

Portland playwright Mikki Gillette depicts the minefield trans women navigate, specifically while dating cis men.

Theater & Performance Jan 17 10:43 AM

Theater Preview: PETE’s The Americans Looks at Idealized America vs. the Real America

The provocative theater company pulls from Robert Frank's black-and-white photographs to prod at the tumultuous history of American social relations.